Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Different Kind of Beauty

I recently bought a Fashion magazine from the airport on the way home from a trip and was very pleased to see an article on 'advanced style'- which is the term being used for beautiful and fashionable 'older' women. Their definition of older is a little different to mine (I personally don't think Elle MacPherson is old but in the fashion world I guess it is all relative to the accepted norm of 19 year old models).

I have been a fan of so many older (plus 60s) women in terms of their confidence and exuding style. It may not always be strictly fashion but style non the less.

I hope the fashion world do not pass over this trend in too much of a rush. It is lovely and far more inspirational to have older role models that we can look forward to becoming rather than feeling like once you are 25+ you can not be seen as beautiful, stylish or fashionable. Go ladies!

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