Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Run Careless Through The Snow

I recently stumbled across the best sale ever- the local costume shop is closing down which is very sad and the lovely lady is selling all of her exquisite costumes. I feel sad that businesses such as costume shops seem so difficult to sustain these days.

In my desire to support this shop I tried on half of the items and finally decided on two things- a vintage possum fur jacket and a 1960s two piece lace dress and jacket combo- both in perfect condition and I feel very lucky to own these things.

The reactions to my fur coat have been interesting. It is real fur however possums in New Zealand are a pest and a lot of garments are made out of their fur. Some people love it and some are not impressed. My philosophy is that I would rather use this amazing garment than leave it to rot. Here is another fur themed item.

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