Monday, 17 February 2014

5 Winter Essentials

So I read this great blog about planning your next seasons wardrobe so that you are thinking more in terms of a) what you actually NEED b) you focus on quality items c) you don't make random terrible purchases d) smarter consuming.
All of these things sound good. Now according to the blog you plan what you will purchase (I love this part) by looking at gaps in your current wardrobe and then researching what you need. The trick is to spread out when you buy the items i.e. not all at once.

So here are my 5 Winter Essentials for 2014:

1. Kowtow Mustard Parka / jacket- love the shape and colour. This NZ eco label make divine clothing that lasts well and is the first thing I reach for in the morning.

2. Australian Shoe Makers The Horse are an absolute must for gorgeous well made footwear. I can't decide out of these two pairs...

3. The amazing Knitwear label All Knitwear have such rad stuff- I love their hats...

4. I want a really cool Fairisle knit cardigan. Maybe like this these ones:

or this Standard Issue Tweedle Dee one which is incredible.

5. A delicious black cashmere wrap for long nights and flights

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